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Main Space Jam 3 lfp
howdy gamers, i'm bran. i've been around this community for over three years now.
i'm also about to play in advanced grand finals! however, next season i'm not going to be able to play since i'll be in a different location from april to august.
so until i can play again, i'd love to run a team in main! all my experience is on my steam if you need to check. 

some bran facts:
  • the last time i ran a team was in s24 silver, and we got 5th place!
  • after this season, i've honestly learned a lot on how to play this silly gamemode.
  • i love managing stuff! i know, crazy right?
  • i can organize scrims, tryouts, match comms, servers, and everything in between...
  • ... all i'd like for you to do is show up for scrims, matches, and map reviews. (and follow the rules of course)

i'm looking for gamers who want to play high-main. if you suck in tryouts you might not make the team.
but realistically i just want players who are willing to learn and wanna have a good time, but also players who know what they're doing.

add me on steam if you'd like to try out! first scrims will be held as soon as i get enough players lol, but could be as early as the last weekend of march. Big Grin
bump, looking for demos > medics > scouts > pyros!

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