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Advanced Space Jam 3 lfp
Big Grin 
howdy gamers, i'm bran. i've been around this community for over three years now.
i also just won advanced! however, next season i'm not going to be able to play since i'll be in a different location with not-as-good internet from may to august.
so until i can play again, i'd love to run a team that can compete in advanced! all my experience is on my steam if you need to check. 

scout: lfp
soldier: Saturation?
pyro: lfp
demo: 1998greenmustang, kinetic?
heavy: Sebbers
engie: lay
medic: Teli?
sniper: neum
spy: Wizbird

i'm looking for gamers who want to play advanced, but mostly people who are willing to learn and wanna have a good time.

add me on steam if you'd like to try out!
bump, looking for demos > medics > scouts > pyros!
bump, looking for scouts > pyros > heavies, and i have room for two more sniper tryouts this weekend!
bump, looking for a few more pyros, scouts, and subs for all classes <3
bump, looking for a solid pyro main to round off the roster. also still looking for subs for all classes!
big bumpis, looking for scouts, pyros, demos, and medics. please give me subs
neum will be one of the best snipers in the division, and sebbers, lay, and bran are all awesome teammates. Highly recommend this team.
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members

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