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Open Soldier looking for a HL team
Just coming back to TF2 after a year or two of not playing much. I played once a long time on a UGC team with friends but most of them didn't take it seriously and the team dissolved. Played several seasons of competitive overwatch and I liked the mindset but not the meta and the general competitive setting over there, so here I am getting back into TF2. I have ~400 hours on soldier even though that didn't used to be my main, but I'm willing to play most other classes if that's what it takes to find a team in a division where there's not an insane amount of pressure to play at a pro level yet but players still take improving and working with a team seriously.

I'm generally free two or three times a week in the evenings depending on the length of the session and can probably arrange my schedule around review/scrim/game sessions.

If I sound like someone you'd like to have try out for your team, feel free to add me on steam.


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