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Main (Main) "E-Girl Feet" - Demo, soldier, all subs
My team is lf demo and a soldier for HL. A good portion of our team played the last season of HL together, and we are all very experienced in competitive play. We plan to scrim Saturday/Sunday 8:30 & 9:30pm EST with an 8:30 EST pregame on Mondays. We use Discord for comms, and plan on trying for playoffs. We are a very lighthearted team, and while we practice hard, strategize and play to win, a loss isn't something we get genuinely upset over-expect to have fun.

in our demo, we are looking for a confident leader with experience maincalling, whether it be for sixes, HL, or something else. If you only have steel experience we will try you out, but ideally we are looking for at least one season in UGC high silver/ RGL main+. We need someone who can hold a team together in the game, bring a positive attitude, and keep a level head under pressure and lead us to victory.

My Discord is Halen#0181
Yo this team name is legendary
plug walk

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