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Experimental HL Cup
please no vanguard
millstone wasn't that bad
As it currently is, it plays a lot like a toned down Warmtic. I like the variety of paths to attack through, but either one of them needs to be opened up somewhat to avoid having nothing but incredibly tight chokes on every attack angle, or a Gullywash/Bagel-like raised surface on the point to make aggressing directly across the point more feasible. Otherwise pushing will feel a lot like playing ring around the rosie with the enemy combo. The geometry of House is awkward and unintuitive, though not a big issue in the grand scheme of things.

Vanguard is in better shape now than it was when it was first forced upon the HL community back in UGC S19, but the fixes to pushing last and the improvements to mid's barrenness have not fixed the fundamental problem that is 5CP in HL; virtually every non-generalist class slows the pace of 5CP down to a crawl and worsens the inherent issues with the back-and-forth gamemode. I hope no admin ever tries to run this failed experiment again.

Millstone has lots of unique design ideas that make it polarizing to players; everyone either seems to love it or hate it. 1st seems to have a lot of dead space in front of the tracks that Red has absolutely no use for, adding a building in front of spawn that shields players from the tracks like Upward first does can give that space some meaning. 2nd is practically an indefensible open field. 3rd seems aimless, with most of its tracks taking up space in 2nd's open space and making a U-turn into an incredibly cramped tiny portion of 4th's indoor space, making it feel like nothing but dead space. 4th is the first truly defensible point in the map, and I don't really have any complaints about it. 5th has far too much open space and lack of interrupting geometry which, while not horribly imbalanced in favor of Red in my opinion, is still rather unfun. The addition of roofs on either the tracks or the flank bridge would make a big difference, possibly enabling people to trade damage on the ground without the permeating fear of being shot at by the Sniper, while still allowing Snipers to duel each other from Upper 4th/Red roof.

Overall, I rather like Synthetic and Millstone, though I think both need to be reworked a fair bit before they're ready for official play. Despite Vanguard having been improved since I last played it in Highlander, I don't think any amount of changes can surmount the mountain of a problem that is the gamemode itself.
please give me non snowy millstone
synthetic was pretty fun
vanguard was fun but then started having 20 minute rounds. if there was a way to stop stalemates from being so frequent, 5cp could be more viable in hl
millstone is probably the most comp ready of the 3 (seeing as how it was already played). I would try and fix last, since its so open and allows sniper to have a lot of room. i think that shouldnt be a super hard fix though- just adding some more walls or fences so the sniper cant just sit in spawn and hardscope choke points.

millstone > synthetic > vanguard
plug walk
Disclaimer: these are all my personal opinions plz dont flame me.
koth synthetic- i didnt like this map. i felt like there was nowhere to hold and the places u could hold were really bad. u either hold in this highground that is literally 1 room or some flank area that just has 2 other ways to enter. if u choose to hold onto point u just get shot from everywhere and the entire point just felt really small.

pl millstone- ive always liked millstone personally i think since people dont like badwater very much millstone can be a good replacement. just my opinion

cp_vanguard- honestly i came into vanguard with a negative mindset on it but it wasnt really that bad. i think it flows better than any other 5cp map in highlander. with some minor polishing towards competitive i think it wouldnt be bad.
Millstone is comp hoodoo
I will always be a pyro main <3
(12-17-2018, 03:11 PM)Arzt Hispanian Wrote: Millstone is comp hoodoo

We were calling it pl_dustbowl
you know what would have been real experimental

WE ARE IN THE BEAM gamemode in highlander
hh brother
(12-17-2018, 05:02 PM)asher Wrote: you know what would have been real experimental

WE ARE IN THE BEAM gamemode in highlander

We need an indie tf2 map. SO indie that every time you cap a point you need to load a different map file.
synthetic - This map was alright, it reminds me a lot of cascade and warmtic. Personally, I don't enjoy how close-quarters the map is but playing on flank was fun for the most part.

vanguard - I like vanguard, I think it flows pretty well as an hl map. If a 5cp map was to be added to the map pool I would say either vanguard or gully (or both).

millstone - I've always liked millstone. Upward, borneo, millstone, and swiftwater are probably my favorite picks for pl maps next season.
there's no feeling like doing
(12-17-2018, 07:55 PM)zuchima Wrote: We need an indie tf2 map. SO indie that every time you cap a point you need to load a different map file.

5cp but every capture is a 3 minute koth and you have to load the next map / point after a bo3 on each point

the 5cp would be bo5, each point a bo3, no global 30 minute countdown to the end of a half
hh brother
Synthetic was great. Really liked it.

vanguard 5 cp needs work to be playable, timelimits etc need improved.

and millstone is a HELL NO from me.
I liked synthetic a lot.

Vanguard was ok, but I hate 5cp in general 

I. Hate. Millstone.
3cp in HL would be fun to try sometime
(12-19-2018, 04:06 PM)Jimbob Doohicky Wrote: 3cp in HL would be fun to try sometime

(12-19-2018, 04:06 PM)Jimbob Doohicky Wrote: 3cp in HL would be fun to try sometime

wtf no
(12-19-2018, 04:06 PM)Jimbob Doohicky Wrote: 3cp in HL would be fun to try sometime

The general reason you don't see comp 3cp is just due to the fact how the tug of war gamemode plays out. You have incredibly long respawn times to help prevent complete rolls. If one team gets wiped or close to during the initial midfight, the team who still has a majority of their players can just waltz in and take the next point for practically free. With 5cp, you have 2nd/4th to provide you with a bit of breathing room. If you try and shorten the respawn timer, you just end up making a worse koth map that just has no timer built into it. If you want even a chance of surviving, you'll often need to keep players back on your last (engi, pyro, etc) which just basically takes players out of the game because they just have to sit there not contributing to the fight going on at middle, because if their team loses they have to then put up a fight by themselves. Its one of the same reasons why people dislike CTF in comp. I personally don't mind 5cp as a gamemode, Other than PL and MvM its my favorite way to play. But playing with 3 points instead of 5 just gives away any and all breathing room you have to work with, making the game either unfun for a majority of classes as they don't get to often really participate, or complete rolls, as whomever lives through the midfight then just gets pushed back and killed while trying to defend last.
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