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Season 3 Discussion
Hey everyone.

So, with S3 about to start at the end of this month, I'd figure that it is approaching time for us to release the map pool list for Season 3 that we have assembled in order to generate any discussion or comments before it goes "public" next week.

Map pool (in order of weeks):

1. Ashville
2. Swiftwater
3. Lakeside --> Cascade
4. Borneo --> Vigil
5. Product
6. Upward
7. Steel

Experimental Map Cups

There is reason to believe that Proside is not exactly yet league ready, with some issues on the pro version that still need to be fixed (lighting issues, added sniper sightline on ramp, etc.) Although this map offers much needed improvements over its stock version, the agreement was to give this map another season to get ready (with unanimous changes that do not cause further problems with the map), before we introduce it for league play in the following season. Vigil has seen play multiple times (most recently in S1 Invite) and this cup confirmed its viability as a league map. The last map that was tested in the cup was Synthetic, which was a map that was previously tested in the first experimental cup that most recently had changes to the dynamic of the point and the garage. This is a map that takes inspiration from maps like Product, Coalplant, and Warmtic to create an interesting and new king of the hill map. With this being noted, the recent version of Synthetic (RC5) would benefit from more playtesting, before we feel comfortable introducing it for league play. We would like to revisit this map again down the road and gauge community feedback (polls, etc.) to see if it would be able to be swapped out with the traditional KotH maps that are in our pool.

Map Pool

As you may have noticed, the "big three" (Product, Upward, and Steel) have been moved towards the end of the regular season. I discuss the reasons for going forward with this change in my thread here.

Quote:"There has already been some issues and complaints regarding the map pool for S2. This is with having koth_product_rc9 be the first week map as well as announcing the map pool too early (would have been 3 weeks before s2, now 4 weeks with the S2 launch delay). This has resulted in teams only scrimming Product for an entire month and refusing to scrim any other maps. As stated above, this introduces a very uninteresting preseason if you scrim the same map over 10 times in the span of a couple of weeks. In the following seasons, Product will likely be moved to a later week and I will likely announce the ordering of the maps several days before the season start to help deal with this."

Additionally, the idea with having the "newer maps" towards the middle of the season is to generate and encourage more playtesting of these maps to increase and improve overall feedback and suggestions.

Borneo: The voices of the community became clear that this was a map that people want swapped out for the season in favor of another payload map. The map's fundamental design leads to the longest average cap times of any competitive payload map, which does not bode very well in highlander. This map has been swapped in favor of Vigil, a map that had good receptions from the cup, an active map developer, and one of the quicker cap times of any payload map in highlander.

Cascade: Lastly, Cascade has been a map that has been league ready, with an active map developer since its inclusion in other leagues. This is a map that we feel comfortable with introducing in our rotation again (was in the Invite S1 map pool) and is one where the metas of the map have not been fully explored yet. Swapping out Lakeside for this map allows us to begin the tradition of swapping maps in and out every season (Lakeside/Proside will likely make a return for S4) and to introduce variety in our map pool, instead of having the same maps every season.

This post about the map pool will be a section of the Part 2 article of the RGL HL S3 article. We will be discussing rule changes, default match dates for Invite, bans, and more in that article.
Yes Yes I like this very much so
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
Ashville week 1, love that map. Also vigil is really good
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.
borneo to vigil, i like that
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
please implement a per-week payment system so my subs dont have to pay for the entire season to play 1 week
(06-16-2019, 04:09 PM)pajaro Wrote: please implement a per-week payment system so my subs dont have to pay for the entire season to play 1 week

I believed I DM'd you about this a while back, but yes, this is a system that is planned to roll out along with the traditional 6s format.

Surveys on RGL are also something that I want to carry over, so we can have a survey on maps and see what the breakdown of what players want for each division.
With Season 3 coming to a end, I plan to have a thread for Season 4.

Some things I want to highlight are changes to rules, updating the whitelist, map pool, and overall just fixing things in Season 3.

I also plan to have a survey that will be hosted on hl.rgl.gg and we will be able to see what each division voted for. There should be some offseason events occurring such as the Invite Awards, Region Wars Cup, and potentially a third Experimental Cup.

Thanks to everyone for participating in Season 3 and we hope to see you again in the next season.

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