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Week 1 - Prolander - Look back, what worked/didn't work
Most teams have finished up their first week in Prolander on Upward. What worked and didn't work in terms of strategy for your team?
Having me play scout didn’t really work out
Scout I think is one of those really team dependent strategies

Like sandblast crushed it for Prevail on scout on Upward last week, but Cat Noises, who one last season. They typically don't run a scout on defense at all.

I think it comes down to how good your DM is and also how good you are at picking the right fights. With long respawn timers, you really need to pick good fights and take good 1v1's. If not, then probably running pyro, heavy or engie would probably be better, IMO.
For the kevinferior esports div 2 match that we won, Wise flexed between solly/pyro/scout, Koolaidalan flexed between heavy/scout/pyro/engie, and Kev flexed between engie/scout/pyro/heavy. Other than that we always had demo spy sniper and med, it worked out very well and we had good synergy. I would say we were weakest with what classes we had people flexing between as it was a tiny bit uncoordinated in that regard. In conclusion we ran fulltime spy and it worked out pretty well
May be an alien
civ is still the best player to ever touch the heavyweapons class
jebus gets away with so much as spy
i spent 2 hours playing either scout on offense or engineer on defense so i sure did have a lot of fun

still pissed that i tried to shoot sentry rockets but accidentally picked up my sentry, and immediately was killed with a DH in 1 hit .3 seconds after i picked it up. that interaction will never be fun and makes me MAD (i am pissed)
plug walk
once we got me on scout things turned around, mono is right, clearly he was the inferior choice.
having sandblast play against us didn't really work out

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