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Advanced Pantherrr/SwaggerDemon/DabberDemon lft soldier
I'm looking to main soldier in advanced.
I've played on friend teams the vast majority of my time in tf2 and I'm trying to step away from that and actually be good at the game.
I can do mumble, discord or whatever the team uses.
Depending on 6s I might have to leave 930 weekend scrims right at 1030 but Mondays will be open all the way.

Season 9 Iron - Soldier (5-4)
Season 11 Steel - Soldier (3-5)
Season 12 Steel - Soldier (3-5)
Season 13 Steel - Demoman (5-4)
Season 15 Steel - All-class Sub (9-3 3rd place)
Season 16 Silver - Demoman/Pyro (3-5)
Season 23 Steel - All-class Sub (6-4)
Season 24 Silver - Soldier (5-3)
Season 25 Silver - Soldier/Demo (11-2) 1st Place

Season 1 Main - Soldier (7-3) 3rd place
Season 2 Advanced - Sub (4-3)

6s - ESEA
Season 28 Open - Roamer (11-5)(1-1) 8th
Season 29 Open - Roamer (14-2)(2-1) 3rd/4th
Season 30 Open - Pocket (11-5)(0-1) 16th
Probably going to be the best soldier in advanced, excellent pickup for a team looking to make first place
Will eat pants, I repeat this man will actually eat the other teams pants, pick him up
Who Tf gave me two stars -duck 
easily the best soldier in adv, could be a capable invite soldier
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
dabberdemon top invite soldier
plug walk
one of very few soldier better than me
good enough to be my dad
I love my wife

Team history
Jerma is my dad
dabberdemon is actually one of the best hl soldiers out there please give him a home
dabberdemon is here to fulfill the legacy of the late great doombringer. definitely invite capable. bombs are nuts. frag movie machine.
Very very very good
Very very very cool

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