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Main ANTHRAX - LFP Starter Demo/Med/Engie + Sub Sniper/Spy
Team name: ANTHRAX

Scrim times: Sat/Sun 8:30+9:30 and Monday pregame

Hi all, we're looking for Main-Level players (preferably High-Main) who are dedicated, respectful, and can keep their cool.

We need tryouts for our Starter Engineer, Med, and Demo, we also need a sub spy (gaurenteed playtime 8:30 saturdays during the regular season) and a sub sniper (guaranteed playtime sunday 8:30/9:30 during the regular season.

Please contact me on discord - username#8504 , instead of steam, I prefer discord 2631293127319327112% more than steam, feel free to message me whenever just know I can't always reply right away.

Our current roster (? = tryout):

Scout: patches
Soldier: jel
Pyro: fordo
Demoman: norphel?, berryy, cloud, (Luigi?)
Heavy: Hael?, Kegaman?,  Sebbers?, Norphel again?
Engineer: 8-Kit?, Jimbob?
Medic: Lumi?
Sniper: Private Dancer (unless he quits tf2 which he might rip, if that's the case berryy will probably snipe)
Spy: ghost
yo try me out i wanna play with my man jel
plug walk
(04-09-2019, 08:34 AM)Ghost Wrote: Engineer: Jimbob

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