Who will win the Invite HL Grand Finals?
Kids Next Door
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Invite HL Grand Finals Predictions

Quote:It has been almost half a decade since NA Highlander has seen a prize pool in a competitive league. This changes with RGL HL’s first season and the Grand Finals clash taking place on the 3rd of December to decide which team will take home part of the $1,380 prize pool.

On Monday at 9:30 EST, the longtime legends Kids Next Door will face off against b4nny and the rest of the powerhouse team IRENE in a best of 3 map series on Upward, Cascade, and Steel.

Tune into this match cast on eXtvESports’ Twitch stream as the top two North American Highlander teams lay it all on the line for a chance at that sweet, sweet cash. With big names like Kresnik, Nursey, habib, and bo4r, it’s not a match you’ll want to miss!

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I'm putting all my v-bucks on this one KND, so please win.
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This'll likely be one of the best matches in HL in a long time following one of the best seasons of HL in forever. Very excited. Best of luck to both teams!
.knd > IRENE 2-1, really hoping for IRENE to take a map here to make it an even more interesting match but I see knd as the better team overall. I am very very excited for this match!
IRENE > KND 2-1, I think IRENE could out perform KND. It'll be a close match, but my monopoly money has to go to the b4nny team. I can't wait either way though with 4/6 of esea s29 FROYO playing, its gonna be fun to watch!
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I added a poll. You can now vote at the top of this thread.
bowlofmayo will own grant vincent in a truly epic style.
This is actually hype
knd will win
knd ez win
IRENE 2 1 - I honestly dont think its Possible for FROYO to ever lose a finals match tbh.
2-1 irene. b4nos adds another stone to his gauntlet

my heart is still with knd tho....
Pyro mains :/
I predict obliv will go emo, ring me Dimento
succ me 
Time to dust off my degreaser if that happens
I will always be a pyro main <3
(11-29-2018, 05:49 PM)Arzt Hispanian Wrote: Time to dust off my degreaser if that happens

[Image: jxlQ3CS.jpg]
This will be the best match of highlander history .
No matter what happens this match is going to be absolutely hype, my money has to be on KND here but it definitely can go either way.

go bowlofmayo!
knd is gonna win lol

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