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Invite / Advance Teli - Heavy, Medic, Demo
I've been competing in TF2 since before season 6 of UGC, and spent a great deal of that time in the highlander format. I'm looking to main heavy, demo, or med for invite / high advance, but am willing to be an all-class sub. I have dm skills that can compete, on average, in low to mid plat, so long as I don't die from clots! I have to admit upfront that my tracking is better than my muscle memory due to recent health issues, but enough time has passed to allow for me to start to work out and counteract the muscle deterioration I've experienced. If you want me on demo, just give me a few weeks to recover my health and I can play it.

I'll be able to dedicate the usual weekends + Mondays for competition. Weeks will be dedicated towards my major, thus expect me only to be active on weekends.

In the past I usually just focused my education and stuck to friend teams- known for not climbing far for a reason. Since there are no friends left to play this game with, might as well use my skill and earn a medal or maybe some money. 

Add me to talk, I'll be more free to chat after this upcoming Saturday: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Telitailituli/

Thanks for reading; Stay cool everyone.

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