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KotH Cascade
(03-03-2020, 10:06 PM){DAT} .tv/podgy713 Wrote:
Quote:As for the above picture, vphysics cannot be helped, the map maker would need to remove the vphysics on it and cover it with a block bullets to make it feel more accurate if such were to occur.
If you are going to make a competitive map, then these are things that cannot be overlooked. If you're going to peek an angle that looks open, it should be open for shooting. The issues with the rocks are issues we used to have with Product until it was brought up and fixed.

I'm aware, though I do not really work in that department, my ability mainly lies into detailing a map (clipping/vphysics/hinting/particles/models/etc) and optimizing it to it's fullest extent (as Hino has had me do for Ashville). So don't expect any full new map from me, not my forte, don't even do that for my own community. I just fix errors made in maps and assist in making sure they work well and smoothly enough for everyone to enjoy.
Right, I’m not saying you. You’re not the OP. I’m saying in general if you plan to make a comp map, do it right.
I expect that if the OP doesn’t improve what you described, then this map will lose competitive viability.
Pretty much. But considering the communication at this moment, well...
What do you mean? Is this forum not for a clear line of communication to the map maker?
Hey guys, sorry it's been a while since i've checked on these forums. I've started working on an update for Cascade to address the performance issues and other problems that have been pointed out in this thread. This update will also bring a visual overhaul and other quality of life improvements.

My goal is to make RC2 the definitive version of Cascade so if there are any other issues you would like to see addressed in this update i'd greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

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