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RGL Patreon - help support the RGL staff

Today we are officially launching our patreon. This is a way to support the people who run RGL and get something cool in the process. This money does not go to fund the prize pools, but to help give a little money to the people who help make RGL great. Our production team, admins, article writers, etc...

If you subscribe to our patreon for $5 or more a month, we will enter your name into a raffle. Each month we will choose one name (we might be able to increase this in the future as we grow our production team) and that person will be able to get one of their matches casted by our production team. 

If we can do it live, we will aim for that. If not, we'll do the cast off an STV. It'll be streamed on one of our twitch channels with our production team and after the stream, we'll upload the VOD onto our youtube channel.

We want to create a little incentive to thank the people who help support us.

For this first month, we'll also include any donations that came in through the RGL website for the NR sixes / Prolander / HL seasons.

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