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Intermediate TAKEN
For Pyro 271 hrs  I used to main him but moved on to different classes so I'm rusty at him although if you want me for pyro I'll get better at him throughout a good 1-2 days of playing him again

For Scout I have 165.3 hrs on him I'm playing him more recently 

For Soldier I have 78.1 hrs he's my main currently I just picked him up and getting good at him 

In casual I always stomp usually I always get 1-4 places in the leaderboard and carry most the time

I played pyro on teemos Highlander for like season 2 we made it to 3rd place although we technically made it to 1st place because the winning team was at MAIN level of experience and it was supposed to be for OPEN level players and they got disqualified and the new team that won was the team we completely stomped so we made it to 1st technically 

I will be happy to serve any team and I will Mark if I've been taken or not bye

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