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Highlander RGL Advanced S3 Team Introductions and Power Rankings

RGL Advanced Season 3 Team Introductions

Welcome to RGL Highlander Season 3. This is shaping up to be one of highlander’s greatest seasons yet, with fantastic teams in every division, including Advanced. I, Micahlele, will be writing articles for Advanced this season. If you want to keep track of the juicy Advanced drama through the forums, you can do so here! If you want to make predictions for Advanced matches, you can post them here!

Home Depot eSports

  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] animus
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] wubs
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] fordo
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] norphel03
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Luigi
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Bonesaw
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Ness
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Liam
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Bliztank

After winning Main during Season 2 of RGL highlander, Luigi is ready with his BOPIS boys to play in Advanced for the fourth season of Home Depot eSports. Luigi says BOPIS has been showing obvious signs of improvement throughout scrims but doesn’t expect them to take Advanced by storm due to them being a move up team. However, with the addition of animus on scout, Home Depot’s flank is looking extremely strong. Luigi thinks this will be a fun season, and they will live for more to come.

Players to keep an eye on: animus, Wubs, and Liam

Blackjack and Hookers

  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Shim
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Poseidon
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] Charizard
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Kjr
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Paul
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Grynn
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Toy
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Lexa
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Mascin_Tape

After a season of Main with several players leaving to join B&H White from Season 2, the original Blackjack and Hookers is back together and better than ever with arguably their strongest roster yet. Paul hopes to lead his team to placements this time around and is making sure the team works hard to get it by scrimming Invite teams to keep his players sharp. At the same time, B&H haven’t scrimmed every Advanced team yet, and with possible roster changes throughout Advanced, Paul just comments “Who Knows” on final placements.

Players to keep an eye on: Poseidon, Kjr, and Lexa

The Money Team

  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] xbs
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] mono72
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] Tom Servo
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] Makkabeus
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Lizard
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] tuba god
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] General Nick
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] d3nny
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] 5perm

A new team has formed out of the ashes of Team Spooky led by General Nick, with Tom Servo, d3nny, and 5perm sticking around for the ride. With the full roster only coming together recently and the team having some availability issues, things haven’t been looking the brightest for The Money Team. However, General Nick assures that his team was formed to win and win they will.

Players to keep an eye on: Makkabeus, tuba god, d3nny


  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] Blank
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] josh
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] TMP
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] brandon
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] guy
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Happy Eye
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Abridge
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] ItsyAcore
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Zokie0

Coming together from the remnants of [NEW MIC], brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr is a team filled with new players and old players alike. TMP, Abridge, and ItsyAcore all bring some great experience to the table. Combined with the new blood in Blank, this roster has some serious potential. Brandon says the team has been going through hardships with some roster changes, but they have gotten a mentor in the form of exile and things have been improving greatly through their scrims. While Brandon doesn’t believe the team can win Advanced, if they fix their issues this team could be the most slept on team in the division.

Players to keep an eye on: Blank, guy, ItsyAcore

Nine Trey Gangsters

  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] ?
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] ?
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] azzy
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] ?
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] colin
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] charis
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] figsy
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] ?
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] eggo

A large portion of the roster is still unknown for now, but this team was made entirely to have fun. Most of the roster hasn’t played the game in a long time, with some people even being away from the game for 6 years. They don’t care about placements; all they want to do is have a good time with friends.

Super Handsome Inteligent Team

  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] cheers
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Apathy
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] junrr
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] kinetic
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Moist Master
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Greenking
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] ellie
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] neum
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Hino

After a 3rd place performance in season 2, the S.H.I.T. squad is looking for more. Additions like junrr, cheers, and kinetic boost the team’s potential phenomenally. The addition of neum on sniper solidifies this team's spot at the top of advanced. Hino and Moist Master look to get either 1st or 2nd this season and aren’t looking for a repeat performance of 3rd place.

Players to keep an eye on: cheers, apathy, Hino

Never Knows Best

  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] civ
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] Kami
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] puzza
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] voosh
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] bzbzrobot
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] constantly
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Ghadili
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Bon Qui Qui
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] Craftkitty

Another main team has found itself moved into advanced. After a decent performance last season in main, Never Know Best has made some great roster changes in the form of civ and Bon Qui Qui on scout and sniper respectively, and voosh being moved to demo. Compared to the rest of advanced, voosh feels his team will be severely underestimated when up against teams with established names in the game. However, they won’t back down from a challenge, and nothing will stop them from learning throughout the season.

Players to keep an eye on: civ, Kami, Bon Qui Qui

Bruh Team

  • [Image: 16x16_Scout.png] ?
  • [Image: 16x16_Soldier.png] pup
  • [Image: 16x16_Pyro.png] cookie
  • [Image: 16x16_Demo.png] avian
  • [Image: 16x16_Heavy.png] Bear hoovy
  • [Image: 16x16_Engineer.png] Jman
  • [Image: 16x16_Medic.png] Soala
  • [Image: 16x16_Sniper.png] Be My Private Dancer
  • [Image: 16x16_Spy.png] agb

With the constant switching between main and advanced, Bear Hoovy has found himself in a lot of trouble. Going back and forth from main and advanced has caused him to lose Lehcs on scout, and they almost lost Be My Private Dancer on sniper. However, he has surprisingly managed to keep his roster in one piece despite the constant swapping. With all the things Bear Hoovy has put this team through, I doubt they will be able to solidify themselves as a mid-advanced team.

Players to keep an eye on: avian, Be My Private Dancer, agb

Preseason Power Rankings

1: Super Handsome Intelligent Team
2: The Money Team
3: Blackjack and Hookers
4: Home Depot eSports
5: brandonbrandonbrandonbrandonbr
6: Bruh Team
7: Never Knows Best
8: Nine Trey Gangsters

exa_ helped contribute to this article.
1: Bruh Team
2 - 8: Everyone that is not bruh team
Surprised Nine Trey Gangsters is low, they will have Yimi and Train on hitscan classes from what I know, which should bump them up a few spots. What do I know though
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.
b&h, money team, and shit will all own in adv

adv will be a super competitive div this season, all these teams are sick
hh brother
yeah broo let's goooo
hi =)
Shout out to nkb, good luck this season boys
(05-30-2019, 10:06 PM)Hino Wrote: Surprised Nine Trey Gangsters is low, they will have Yimi and Train on hitscan classes from what I know, which should bump them up a few spots. What do I know though

 I got all my info from mikey, if I had known Yimi and Train were on hitscan, maybe I would rank them a bit higher. However I feel this is going to be Breakfast club v2 regardless of what the roster turns out to be. After week 1 when I see an actual roster, I'll adjust the power rankings accordingly.
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
Yimi and train will be the be the best players on whatever class they play by a million miles

Team will probably suck tho since those kind of teams always suck cuz no hl players

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