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Open Open - ArkPrefect - Spy/Scout/Engineer
Howdy hey all, my name is Ark.
I've been playing TF2 for the past 5 years now, on and off mostly due to school and work, but have still managed to pick up enough skills and play long enough to try my hand at competitive. I've played on a UGC Steel team, We're The Rats, however the team never fully lifted off the ground past preseason due to conflicts of intrest and roster issues.

My top class is Spy, with Scout and Engie tied with skill level right under Spy. Scrim availability is preferably around 12-1pm EST due to work, however depending on the day, this may vary. I'm able to make the Monday matches no issue however.

 Discord is my comm of choice, and if you are interested, contact me here on Discord > ArkPrefect#8121

Cheers, and thank you for your time
Oh shit lol, I know this guy.

I met this guy in a pub back in the Steel days and wanted to give him a tryout but because I was an awful leader back in the day I never quite figured out how to work out a tryout with him.

I don't have anything to say on him as a player but he seemed like an ok dude when I talked to him so long ago. It's oddly surreal running into him again.

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