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Invite lft mid invite
hi, i am lft invite. I play sniper class and am looking for an environment where i can improve my skilz. hmu, ty.


Season 1 Main-  42 Pence- 2nd 7-2
Season 2 Advanced- Team Spooky (DUCK CHEATED)
Season 3 Invite- Next Gen Flow 0-8?

if unsure bout my skillz, give me tryout n i will show u tht i am vry good i prom1se.
Dude's a super dedicated Sniper, hits his shots and shows up to talk about how to improve. You can't go wrong with perky
he's dedicated to improving and is getting steadily better, one of the few bright spots of next gen flow

give him a tryout
You felt something warm inside your heart.
Solid mid invite sniper
guys please, i promise im good
good guy

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