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Main jel goes sicko mode s4
ah shit here we go again. im sticking in main next season, adv might kick my ass or whatever

prepping for season 4. going solly in main

s18 steel
s23 steel
s24 steel 
s25 silver (4th)
s26 main (3rd)
s2 open (2nd)
s3 main (playoff bound)

feel free to hmu, https://steamcommunity.com/id/koth_ashville_rc1/
solid reliable soldier right here, pick him up ladies
this man should not be playing main
definitely placement level main, watch out for his mean medic too
honestly could play on a moveup team to adv

he's really good and improves/learns really quickly
this dude should be in adv lol

easily one of the top soldiers in main, pick him up if u want a strong flank
i fucking love jel but he has a history of saying the teams he plays on are going to die, and then baiting with basically zero notice

literally this season he was supposed to play for anthrax and then baited with no notice to play for some other team

he was supposed to play main soldier for Home Depot ugc s25 but then he was lft steel and when he didn't get on a steel team he came back saying he could sub

but if you can somehow convince him to stay on your team without ditching, he is fucking obese and he's super nice too. will get 500 dpm on koth. i cannot make it clear enough that i love jel. just take caution.
give jel some love this man will grape advanced
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
man I LOVE jel def a solid pickup for any flank team, easily able to play adv

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