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Season 2 Discussion
This thread will be used to discuss how Season 1 went and what team leaders would like for Season 2.

Let's just get right into it:

The Scorch Shot and Darwin's danger shield are two weapons that have generated some discussion about possibly banning in Highlander. I considered banning it for the cup, but ultimately decided against it because I did not think that the weapons were game breaking or really contributed to an aspect where it would significantly change the flow of the game.

Map Pool
I am thinking about just keeping the map pool the same with the rotation that was seen in the Advanced, Main, Intermediate, and Open Divisions. The ordering of the maps for each week will be changed though. If feedback for the new maps in the Experimental HL Cup go well, we can consider swapping one of them in. Overall, the maps for Season 1 did not seem to be too heavily disliked.

Division Structure
All 5 divisions will stay. No divisions will merge. I am thinking about keeping round robin in Invite and Advanced, but making Main, Intermediate, and Open utilize a Swiss structure. This means that the Main division will have 8-12 teams, Intermediate 16-20 teams, and Open will have no division limit or guidelines. The idea behind this is to allow us to potentially move up teams that do not belong in a division, since the rigidness of round robin prevented us from being able to adequately do that.

Invite will have 8 teams, which should make it a 7-week regular season. People complained about the long and grueling length of the regular season. 8 teams also allow for more players and teams to have a chance to improve in Invite. The pick/ban system was liked by people, but we may just stick with a 7-week regular season with 1 map for each week for Season 2.

The payment issue is interesting. Paying to compete in a Highlander tournament with a prize pool is something that has not ever been done before (as far as I'm aware). An idea that we will likely go ahead with is making the regular season free but introducing two four team tournaments. The top 4 tournament will be paid and the bottom 4 tournament will be free. The bottom 4 tournament will be used to determine which teams stay in Invite the follow season.

Capacity on Non-NA players & Registration Restrictions
It should be noted that RGL HL NA is a North American league. Players outside of NA may sign up for RGL, but teams are under no obligation to accommodate their play. We have run into issues with teams intentionally abusing this rule. Having a team composed of a couple of players with high ping is tolerable, but once an entire team consists of players with high ping -- it makes the entire experience unpleasant and not enjoyable for the other team having to play against this. There will likely be a cap of 2 non-NA players per roster.

For registration restrictions, this is just another way for us to curb sandbagging. The idea is that we add a "minimum" to a player's account, which makes it, so they cannot use the site to register lower than what we tell them. This has the added benefit of ensuring that players that win a division do not stay in the same division, and instead are moved up to the next. 


Please note that this is a condensed version of my upcoming Season 2 article (I did copy-paste some parts straight into this post), so there is still much more details and explanation that I left out. This is merely just a way for me to display some of the changes we are making for next season and to see what people think, so we can quickly change them. Thanks.
While the scorch shot might be an incredibly annoying weapon to play against I don't think that it is necessarily good enough to get the axe in RGL. There are other weapons that allow the Pyro to do its job objectively better such as fragging with the flare gun or spamming with the detonator even. It seems unnecessary to ban the Scorch Shot imo. I also don't think that the Darwin's should be banned either. It is essentially a counter to the Scorch Shot/Detonator and nothing else and I see more Snipers running the Cozy Camper anyways. Banning just the Darwin's and not the Scorch Shot means that the Scorch Shot just gets even more powerful than before and banning just the Scorch Shot leaves the Darwin's pretty useless. I think leaving them both as-is is just fine for now.

5 divisions seems like a good number to me with the amount of players we have now. It's essentially the Iron through Platinum that UGC used to have which worked well for quite a while. I also think that expanding the number of teams in the lower divisions sounds good too as I think there were a few teams that could have been switched around during the first season, but overall I think that the admins did a great job of placing teams in their divisions. Round Robin in Invite and Advanced sounds good too, I enjoyed playing it last season but for my one week in Main I felt like there could be a greater number of teams to compete against.

Eight teams in Invite sounds like a good number as it seems like the interet in creating an Invite team is increasing with HoE and BAE moving up in one form or another and with other Invite teams being created like lae. Keeping the round robin is a good idea but the ten week season was certainly long, so by adding a few teams and having each face each other one time the problem of the longer season is done away with while also keeping the same level of competitiveness. I think that the pick-ban system should stay as it allowed for Invite teams to improve on all maps over the weekend and let teams play to their own advantages while also employing another level of strategy that occured outside of the battlefield. It seemed like a very fun thing to do and I think it makes Invite just that much more unique from the other divisions.

I have no comment on the non-NA players rule, I never encountered such an issue but I can see how it can quickly become one. Props to the admins for addressing it!

I look forward to your article for the rest of Season 2 of RGL Highlander and I thank all of the admins for their incredible work and a great job done in the first season!
I honestly wouldn't see any gain in banning two weapons that aren't really that over powered. The scorch shot statistically does almost no damage at all. And can be almost completely countered if the enemy pyro extinguished their team. It is also very map specific and only sees it's most usage in choke points. Also spamming scorch shot takes away from other things that the pyro can be more useful doing. Simply banning based off of something being annoying rather than over powered isn't smart at all. As far as the darwin's, I don't find it overpowered at all. Being able to take up a secondary slot to be fire resistant is very fair.

I'm glad that the invite team limit was changed to 8 because there will be at least 4 or so established teams that will always take that spot, which leaves little room for new teams to make a name for themselves. It also could make teams not even want to try to play invite if they themselves would set off the balance of 6 teams.
I pretty much agree entirely with Spotlight's assessment of the Scorch Shot/Darwin's Danger Shield, neither are remotely strong enough to really warrant a ban.

I certainly don't disagree that the current maps are fine and wouldn't be opposed to simply leaving them as-is. With that said, I know there are a couple of maps in particular I'd like to see in the rotation for non-Invite regular season (cough cough Cascade), and there is a general interest in seeing more non-standard maps get some play, as seen with the high interest in the Experimental Cup. To throw out a rough idea, suppose non-Invite playoffs received an expanded map pool to choose to pick/ban from. This could encourage teams to practice two or more non-standard maps to use as pocket picks. This approach isn't without its glaring issues, of course, but providing non-Invite divisions with a bit of spice could shake things up a little bit.

I agree with doing away with round robin for Main and below. It was in its own way an enjoyable system as it gave everyone in Main and IM a chance to get familiar with every team in their division, but there were certainly issues with teams being forced into divisions they didn't fit well into simply because of the limited spaces available. I've previously mentioned some of my more radical ideas for restructuring the division system to Aad, but I doubt shrinking the number of divisions and doing away with manual team placement would be in the cards any time soon.

I have reservations over the restrictions on rostering non-NA players and lower division limits for players. The "pleasant experience" rationale for restricting non-NA players within a team sounds like the same kind of rationale that could be used for over-regulating player behavior; likewise I already consider the existing sportsmanship rules to be overly strict. If the reason were simply to be 'this is a North American league and we want to enforce that,' I would have no issue. Similarly I find adding lower division limits to certain players to be rather heavy-handed; offclassing in lower divisions is a cherished Highlander tradition and I'd hate to see it die with a whimper. Adding some kind of bypass to the system, such as via an application process, could alleviate some of these concerns.
scorch shot slows down pushes and makes highlander too reliant on pick classes
(11-30-2018, 01:08 AM)wish Wrote: scorch shot slows down pushes and makes highlander too reliant on pick classes

a lot of things already slow down pushes anyways
The scorch shots existance lowers the skill ceiling for pyro mains
I will always be a pyro main <3
(11-30-2018, 02:38 PM)Arzt Hispanian Wrote: The scorch shots existance lowers the skill ceiling for pyro mains

I can see that
Im in complete support of banning the scorch shot. It is a weapon for little brainlets, simple because its skill floor is ridiculous and its simply a better version of the flare gun. its similar to the reserve shooter as it does its job blatantly better then stock. The scorch shots job can still be performed by the detonator or any other flare gun. The fact that it does max afterburn is absolutely broken and unfair, as you can get tapped and die. it is extremely difficult to dodge and will most likely strike you if your the one the pyros is aiming for. Danger shield is fine, but it can still counter the detonator or regular flare gun, so its use is still absolutely justified and balanced. You can still harass players with the other flare guns, it just requires better timing and skill from pyro mains.
The scorch shot is a shit tier weapon on a critical weapon slot for pyro. If your pyro primarily uses scorch shot you should cut them. It should not be banned however because afterburn damage is useless 95% of the time and the enemy pyro gets heals from it as well. It's only useful purpose is too build phlog that's it.
I will always be a pyro main <3
(12-02-2018, 11:48 PM)Arzt Hispanian Wrote: The scorch shot is a shit tier weapon on a critical weapon slot for pyro. If your pyro primarily uses scorch shot you should cut them. It should not be banned however because  afterburn damage is useless 95% of the time and the enemy pyro gets heals from it as well. It's only useful purpose is too build phlog that's it.

didn't hornet do that
And joey
A thing I disliked from UGC is that lower bracket matches always took place on Thursday

I think moving the day to the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) would be better, the downsides are 1.) less time to ban 2.) less time to scrim maps for the following match
Thursday was not always set in stone you could have moved it to another date.
I will always be a pyro main <3
saturday is a known highlander scrim day anyways so setting default day as saturday you can move it anyways
hello! dont add me for forum issues, use PM instead
Invite will be the only division with a LB playoff match for S2 since it will utilize a double elim playoff structure. I'll make sure it's default Saturday. Just note that teams will have to be more punctual about doing their map pick/bans early if they want to have time to scrim their maps on Sunday and Monday.

I'll likely just include a deadline and if X team leader doesn't pick by then, then the other enemy leader can do the map picks for them.
weapons shouldn't be banned because "they're annoying." i fucking hate the scorch shot, but it's really not breaking anything. it's definitely not a better version of the flare gun.
Exactly, they have different niches. Comparing the scorch shot to the reserve shooter is absurd.
(12-02-2018, 11:48 PM)Arzt Hispanian Wrote: The scorch shot is a shit tier weapon on a critical weapon slot for pyro. If your pyro primarily uses scorch shot you should cut them. It should not be banned however because  afterburn damage is useless 95% of the time and the enemy pyro gets heals from it as well. It's only useful purpose is too build phlog that's it.

I agree, although the afterburn is useful and it's probably one of the reasons why people would use it, especially because of the explosion it has after touching the ground. There's no reason to ban the scorch shot or the Darwin's.
succ me 
How does 4 dmg over 10 seconds remotely useful? The only scenario I can see is when both teams are sacking, in a double overtime and both meds are dead.
I will always be a pyro main <3
its just annoying but it isnt game breaking or anything
plug walk

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