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Highlander Region Wars Interest?
Some of you may be familiar with the Region Wars tournament that have existed in previous offseasons.

The concept of that tournament worked by taking North America and splitting it into 8 chunks: New England, Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes, Canada, Socal, DMV, Southeast, and the South (Europe was allowed in previous tournaments if I recall correctly).

I would be interested in bringing this concept back in an offseason tournament after the RGL HL season concludes, since our offseasons are long, as we do not start until Prolander ends.

As far as the tournament structure goes, it would likely be single elimination with a group stage and playoff bracket.

If you are interested in seeing something like this during the RGL HL offseason, please vote in the poll above. Thanks.

Competitive TF2 Player Map (Updated by wax) (https://forums.highlander.tf/thread-437.html)

There will still likely be a RGL Experimental Cup as well.
Yes please but hopefully everyone can play the game
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Can you provide us with a map of the regions?
I mean sure, guess. I would rather have an exp HL cup for an offseason but if both are done then sure, why not?
Team Great Lakes! We're already Great!

sidenote: how does one add themselves to that map?
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(07-13-2019, 03:58 PM)tag | Pain Seer Wrote: sidenote: how does one add themselves to that map?

let me and lizar lead team south
this would be really cool
save me
So is great lakes Midwest+PA?
I'm interested but I don't know about the rest of my team.
We might be trying prolander, which IIRC is usually during HL offseason?
Region wars sounds fun
I'm moving but i wanna play with the new england gamers this is cringe
Can we get clarification on what states are in what region
PNW is gonna have a hard time getting a team made if we cant steal from other regions and the east is pretty stacked
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Team history
Jerma is my dad
In terms of what states are in which region, I can work on a more concrete list, once I get time. The point of this thread is to really just gauge interest if people are interested in a tournament like this.

In the previous region wars tournaments, Arizona was included with SoCal. I would imagine that regions would be expanded to include more states to help them form a team.

You can also add your location to the competitive TF2 player map here: https://forums.highlander.tf/thread-437-...ml#pid9304
Put me in for Great Lakes I’ll fuck some ass
im obviously interested, but regions like New England and Socal are just friggin stacked
hey bro
team new jersey is now lfp
plug walk
(07-13-2019, 09:45 PM)asher Wrote: im obviously interested, but regions like New England and Socal are just friggin stacked

the south always win region wars btw
[Image: 8BzcdNP.jpg]

i made this it seems like a pretty good guideline. just a suggestion though not anything official. another thing: should BC be included in PNW or should canada just encompass all regions of canada
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lft new england lets frag

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