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Advanced lft scout/sniper s4
i play both skinny bois, main or sub either is fine

recent exp:
rgl s1: home depot, sub (main)
rgl s2: home depot, sub / main sniper in playoffs (main, 1st place)
rgl s3: anthrax, why did i play soldier (main)

https://steamcommunity.com/id/aoghau or patches#0001 on discord
i WILL fall off highground
patches very good at shooting enemy and also super friendly, pick him up
good pscout
havent seen him scout or sniper but his soldier and flank comms were large in general very good player
crazy huge penis
Pick this man up on scout please... he deserves a home and he didn't need to play on anthrax s3..
From personal experience patches is a very cool and fun guy to play with. Having him play in esea open as pocket scout was fun also he frags.
Yes, I'm black and I play med quit askin.
I can't put how good patches is into words so I'll just link this
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
there's the HAIL MARY

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