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Advanced maxie! - scout/sniper
i really like to push the cart a lot and it will make me happy to push the cart as a main on your team. also can shoot people with the far away guy but prefer pushing cart because i really like to push the cart.

S2 - IM - GarrisonTheGold (Scout) made playoffs, famous last words "[GTG] Gramps! :  time to turn on our monitors on"
S3 - ANTHRAX (Scout) looking as though we are making playoffs
UGC 6s S30 NA Platinum - NKCCS (Sub Scout) sub scout on nkccs because team i was supposed to main on died

contact me!!
discord: maxie!#1480
steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/primalgroudon/

thanks for reading!!
legendary flank rat
but also a furry so -1
beast at cart pushing tbh
honestly has no penis but thats ok cause he can push the cart
maxie!Today at 12:38 AM

https://forums.highlander.tf/thread-814.html say im epic on my thread gramps it will mean a lot

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Gramps!Today at 12:46 AM


im epic on my thread gramps it will mean a lot
       - “Med took Six“
I have trained him in the art of heavy surfing and taught him the ways of highlander. Maxie is not only a great scout and sniper, but a great friend.
Shoutout to flankyyy, drag, kett, and all the OG Amicitia members
maxie is a good boye
++++++rep is fluent in hebrew

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