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lft south spy please Smile
1st post of this thread has been updated with the leaders of the second division:

This will also be updated in the main thread and article.
Lfp Midwest soldier div 1/under invite for the nation cup. Message me on discord if interested sebbers#1867
Why are there two Congos
lft south west scout or sniper : )
let me play pyro in south
LFP Canadian 2nd Div - Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Pootis, Deeeemo

Add me on steam or dm me @Powerpuker#4678 on discord so we can pewpew the Americans away ^-^
LFT Midwest Demo/ Soldier
LFT Northeast Heavy for div 2. discord id is Fluff?#0010
LFT midwest scout
hit up percy or me if ur an actually good canadian spy or pyro
LFT Midwest Pyro/Med
This should be the final list of all the leaders of each region. Notable changes are that flu walrus and Moose are now leading the Div-1 South team.

I have also added the Div-2 division on the site here. These changes will be updated on the main article, thread, and LFT thread.

Div-1 (Updated 8/13)

The 6 teams and their leaders are listed below:
Div-2 (Updated 8/12)
lft northeast sniper spy
SW still needs a soldier. If you have a decent amount of hl experience pls hit me up
normal human
I’ll play soldier my waddles are too strong to pass up
I will always be a pyro main <3
LFT div 2 Northeast solly/pyro maybe heavy if desperate
The Godfather#7716
good luck friends
LFP Canada Subs, any and all classes ^_^

Dm me @Powerpuker#4678

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