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Highlander Season 3 - Semifinals Predictions
Welcome to RGL Highlander Season 3.

This is Week 9. All divisions will have playoff matches using the map elimination system. Pick/ban deadlines is on Saturday 9:30 PM ET.

The maps that can be picked and banned are the following:
KotH: Product, Cascade, Ashville
Stopwatch: Upward, Vigil, Swiftwater, Steel

Pick/ban order will be:
Away bans,
Home bans then picks,
Away picks then bans,
Home picks.

Week 9 Matches
RGL.gg Season 3 League Team Spreadsheet
Roster Transactions
Playoff Article

Good luck and have fun!
Taco defeats exile the movie

Knd to me seems to be on a different level of play. imo it would take a miracle to push them off of the top seat, but I do hope to see them fall.
The Money Team > Bruh Team
TMTs roster is much stronger on paper and most maps, while bruh team will need to rely a lot on playing together and supporting Avian and Markers to win the match by a landslide. Depending on the maps and how well bruh team plays together, they could eek out a top two placement spot in advanced.
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.

KND > AD 2-0
TS > Invi 2-1

TMT > Bruh 2-1

oWn = Loud glhf Smile
Rayman > Cafeteria Milk 2-0
golden state warriors would win this week if they weren't blacklisted from playoffs
Bruh Team > Money 2-0
A fellow can dream
(07-25-2019, 11:01 PM)GreenKing \ring Wrote: Bruh Team > Money 2-0
A fellow can dream

its gonna happen greenqueen dream harder and it will come true
[Image: To_the_purest_sign__1.png]

We head into to the lower bracket semifinals match with a matchup between The Specimens and Invidus on koth_ashville_rc1, pl_vigil_rc5, and cp_steel.

Earlier in the season, the two teams met in week 3 on Cascade, where The Specimens came out on convincing 4-1 win. Invidus’s roster has been relatively inconsistent throughout the season, though they plan to use Seven on pyro, Pika on engineer, Catalyst on soldier, and Nerdaloid on Demoman for this match.

Both teams lost their quarterfinals match and are currently in the lower bracket. A loss here means elimination from the tournament. With The Specimens sitting at the third seed and Invidus on the 4th seed, this should be an important match to watch.

Join Alto and zagron, Flare on analysis, and with DolphiN on production on RGLgg.

Match Page | The Specimens | Invidus

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