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Intermediate LFT Scout
Looking to play as a scout in IM 6s, pocket or flank. Really just looking for a good environment to learn and improve in. I can use discord (peaches#5378), mumble, or whatever is preferred. I have some experience on all classes in all formats, mostly scout in highlander though. Can make scrims and matches any time with a little heads up.
RGL Experience: 
S1 - Open Highlander - Scout +Playoffs
S2 - IM Highlander - Scout
S3 - IM Highlander - Scout
EXP HL 1 - Open Highlander - Scout +3rd Place
One Day Cup 4 - Div 4 Prolander - Scout +2nd Place
S1 - Div 2 MM6s - Scout/Soldier +Playoffs

UGC Experience
S24 - Steel Highlander - Demo +Playoffs
S25 - Steel Highlander - Flex Sub +Playoffs
Some 6s teams that broke up

Not going to post my steam here because I'll probably auto-decline, just hit me up on discord (peaches#5378) and I can send a link there if you need.

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