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Amateur LFT Medic Open 6s
Hello! I am a medic main looking for a 6s team. I have 750 hours on tf2 and 166.6 hours on medic. I realize those numbers are low, but I have been playing competitively since 200 hours and mostly have been playing med, so I have experience. I have multiple seasons of 6s experience on open teams. Mostly I want a team that wants to improve and get better.

My steam is https://steamcommunity.com/id/techdra if anyone wants to contact me.

Thank you for spending the time to read my post!
Hi. I am iShaTer, the tf2 is my favorite game, I have +2000 h in tf2, 500 h is in competitve from tf2center. My main is soldier and scout, but i can play with pyro too. I think i can be to pro in this game. Thank you <3

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