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Invite lft inv spy s5
not sure whats happening with current team for next szn and if im gonna be playing on it
open to using either discord or mumble for team comms, idrc
can scrim basically whenever
looking to try to get some invite experience if i can

team history:
pizza time im s2 main spy (3-5)
bruh team adv s3 main spy (5-4, third place, all-star spy runner-up)
marker and e-boy adv s4 main spy (4-2, still currently ongoing and projected to make playoffs)

discord- agb#4367
steam- https://steamcommunity.com/id/agb_/
easily a placement level spy in advanced despite his limited experience
pick him up
one of the better spies in adv, very nice person, great person to have on your team in general
pick him up if you want a monster spy on ur team, he is always willing to try new stuff out. hes a good person as well.
He's decently emotional at times but is a good spy that has improved a lot in the last few seasons. He was on the higher end of adv spies this season, and would certainly do fine in adv again.
get orc of my way
im an orc
agb frags

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(07-27-2019, 11:58 PM)Be my Private Dancer Wrote: agb frags

a good boy
bump bump
very good spy, comms were great and a solid play maker, he improves unrealistically fast, good pick up
give this man a tryout
Very nice guy, will work on whatever you need him to if you tell him what he needs to work on. Does get a frustrated at times, but never lashes out at teammates
He's nuts, pick him up
makes me look like a joke when we scrim and talks more than me. Pick him up if u want fragger
It kills me to admit this because complimenting people isn't what i'm fond of doing
He has actual talent. PERIOD .
One of the few players I looked at in footage and knew I had to watch constantly when I played against.
Gets good picks before pushes
Gets medium amounts of picks during rotations
Does struggle a bit with getting picks in the post
Experience does not define you as a player and this is living proof. He one of those few guys that did well in advanced and still feels like he has to do it again. I respect that alot in his character and shows that hes not bounded by one trophy.
Hope you have a good season you deserve a good team
(08-25-2019, 01:56 PM)TTV Townze Wrote:  haft to 
it actually infuriates me how good he is at spy in relation to his exp

He fucking frags but he screams into his microphone when things don't go his way, I've played multiple pugs with him where I had to local mute him because Jesus Christ this man will shriek into his tiny laptop mic that picks up every keyboard press every time he hits his push to talk key. It's actually ridiculous how much he screams for no reason.

But he stabs people really good so if that's what you're into, he will stab many people very well
Annoying stupid Fucking Retard monkey

really good spy
once, there was an ugly agb, he was so ugly that everyone died. the end.
agb youre nuts brother
do a flip ?

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