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Advanced F2P LF Subs all classes
Forty-Two Pence are looking for committed tilt-free gamers to pound in Advanced with, preferably players who are interested in forming a multi-season team and attending map/demo reviews. We finished 2nd place in S1 Main and are looking to keep improving and put out a solid performance in S2 Advanced.

If you're interested, add me on Steam here or on Discord @Flare#8822 and we'll get something sorted out!

We are currently looking for Subs! Our gamers are busy people, so you can bet on getting play time during the season. We will also regularly do map/demo reviews so even if you don't play a minute with us, you'll have plenty of opportunity to improve alongside the rest of us.

Scout: Yumyum - lf sub
Solly: wise - lf sub
Pyro: Inquisition - lf sub
Demo: Flare - lf sub
Heavy: Musique - lf sub
Engie: Starfruit66 - lf sub
Medic: ZoomxZe
Sniper: Michaelpc1 - lf sub
Spy: Goldin
this is a good team id recommend trying out for them, i rang spy for them last week and the team was great fun
Flare is an absolutely fantastic player both in his gameplay and his ability to maincall. I have no doubt that this will be an excellent team if he gets the right players under his belt. On top of that, Flare is also just a super fun person to be around, always down to earth and ready to talk if you have something on your mind. I'd recommend this team 100%!
Bump - full starting roster, now looking for subs, hit me up

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