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Main Jimbob LFT Main/Adv
I'm Looking for team Pyro in main/low adv and spy in low/mid main 
I'd like to win or place in main or get my first experience in advanced as a sub
I'm with a team through thick and thin loss or win i'll try my best to improve with the team but most importantly my goal is to make friends and have F.U.N
F ragging together
U nited with
N ew friends

RGL HL EXP CUP #1 Ben Shapiros Allstars [2 - 1 Open-A] (Main Spy and Captain)

RGL HL EXP CUP #2 Ben Shapiros Allstars V2 [2-1 Main] (Main Spy and Captain)

Season 2 RGL HL Pushin' The Cap [3rd place Open] (Main pyro/sub scout)

Season 3 RGL HL We 4fit [Main dead team] (Main pyro and captain)

Season 3 RGL HL Utopia Turned Dystopian [IM Second seed as of now will see what happens in grand finals] (Sub pyro)
Good gamer, should do well in high-main and low-adv
epic gamer
very friendly gamer, haven't seen him play all that much but he could definitely play in mid-high main, possible adv. somebody pick him up...
I know my opinion doesn't matter but I don't care Smile.
still looking for a home
Pick this gamer up
give jimbob a team I like him

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