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mono lft s4
trying to play and improve if you want me on soldier it probs has to be invite, i'd like to play demo for a season and play combo cuz i want to play with beam, would be down to snipe in main
demo: advanced, if im allowed (pls admins allow me)
soldier: probs forced to play invite
sniper: main (im rlly bad pls allow me admins)
anything else: any division (at minimum main)
i want to fucking kill myself pls help me man
he's pretty toxic but god this guy can move a mouse and press buttons on a keyboard so efficiently that he owns on soldier but there's not a doubt in my mind that he can play a high advanced demoman as long as he gets le beam
wdym you're supposed to eat ice cream
his downfall is that he's too doting and caring towards his teammates, if you do something wrong, he will only give you compliments so you dont feel bad about yourself. also... BIG BLM supporter.

helped me pass algebra 2


EDIT: 2000 hours on soldier led up to taking an L from moist master. He can use his microphone though so I don't know.
Monster DM on demo, and a really smart soldier.  Mono was one of the top 3 soldier's this season, that's pretty good considering panther and Poseidon were playing this season. Most likely going to place on any adv team he plays on, he should play in invite at this point though
mono is the biggest humanitarian i know, he is very fun to play with and when we are arguing he stops our fighting instantly. This is why we never tilt ever, if you ever have watched my streams.
Mono is cool, definitely the best soldier in Advanced +rep
drooling noob
reality is a construct and we're all living in the matrix controlled by sentient cups of water harvesting our natural moisture from themselves
Free Ashville week.

Great dm and one of the smartest players I've been on a team with.

Funny as fuck to be around you just need to put him in his place sometimes.
I am the one some call john beans.
Great at the video game, just a little toxic every once in a while. Definitely worth a shot on any team.

You should play demo, this game mode needs more of them desperately.
save me
Called me fat and gay, also smashes on demo. He nae naes on haters.
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.

bump, i have 0 tryouts
find this guy a home and maybe he wont cut you Smile
most likely a trap
(08-12-2019, 07:41 PM)tv/moist_master_ Wrote: https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentCautiou...aleTF2John

very cool and epic
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
bump, i have 2 tryouts, also open to sniping in main
bump, could use more tryouts probably
bump, still looking, demo or sniper or soldier or sumthin idk
He's good, but he's a meme.
No literally, a meme.
A second-class Chinese legend who doesn't know when to give it his all.


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