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Team Apolodosh Looking for Good Strong Men to Scrim
Greetings, it is I RonnieJ, former leader of team prison, and current leader for team Apolodosh Highlander. I have come to these humble forums to kindly ask YOU dear reader, if you would take part in a series of pugscrims against my team going on from Saturday August 10th, to Sunday August 11th. I need some good men to be down to play, so long as you meet my standards. 

To Play In The Apolodosh Pugscrims, you must

1: Have Played in Invite before 

2: Are Not a Troll "I hate trolls"

3: Your First Name cannot be Jacob "sorry shotaway"

If you meet the following criteria, and really are up for some good old fashioned gaming this upcoming weekend, hit me up on the steam machine, https://steamcommunity.com/id/loveroffriends/
i will pug scrim team apolodosh
plug walk
can i play
My name is Jacob
(08-07-2019, 06:20 PM)Dimento.knd Wrote: My name is Jacob

Awh sorry, I would let you play... but rules r rules...

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