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Advanced MAF LFT Advanced Sniper

I'm currently looking to play for an Advanced team as sniper in the upcoming HL season. I can get somewhat tilted during a scrim or a match, but next season I am looking forward to being in my best behavior when playing.

Season 2: Salty Tears (IM, 8-3, 3rd place)
Season 3: Oprah Winfrey Network (Main, 9-1, 2nd place)
Experimental Cup #2: Shrewd Irrationality (Main, 3-0, 2nd place)

My RGL page

Rise Above, from the CAF Red Tail Squadron.
Lo is a nutty sniper. He's the one of the best snipers I know at being effective when losing svs. He can be getting pounded by the other sniper and go even in kills with him and get lots of important picks. Plus he's pretty solid at svs too
work ethic like no other

smart player that always has an idea or a way to optimize something
I am the one some call john beans.
This guy did well in main grand finals and he's a cool dude.

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