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Highlander Region Wars Cup #1
let me lead south
So far, we have interested team leaders for the second division in all the regions except for Northeast and Canada.

If you are from those regions and want to lead it, let me know. Thanks.
Update #1

We now have interested team leaders for all the regions for a second division.

Southwest - Tj
South - Moist Master / asher
Pacific Northwest - jel
Northeast - Hino
Canada - Powerpuker
Midwest - sebbers

I will be messaging each of the team leaders and setup the second division as soon as I get a chance.
My prediction is that south wins, northeast is second, Southwest or Midwest 3rd? Sorry Canada and Pacific Northwest lol.
Why are there two Congos
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Leader list for the second division should be finalized. If you are interested in co-leading with the leaders listed above, that is a possibility.

I will go ahead and allow the those leaders to make the teams on the RGL site as soon as I can after the Invite Grand Finals match.
Update #2

This should be the final list of all the leaders of each region. Notable changes are that flu walrus and Moose are now leading the Div-1 South team.

I have also added the Div-2 division on the site here. These changes will be updated on the main article, thread, and LFT thread.

Div-1 (Updated 8/13)

The 6 teams and their leaders are listed below:
Div-2 (Updated 8/12)
Reminder that the Region Wars starts on the 31st!

You can see the rest of the schedule in the thread here (also on the article: http://hlrw.rgl.gg/Public/Articles/Default.aspx?a=1279)
Update #3


Team Canada will unfortunately be folding due to player commitments for the cup. This means that there will be 5-teams for this division and there will have to be forfeit wins for some teams.


Pacific Northwest has also failed to field a team. They will be replaced with a second European team led by STiNGHAN.

Match schedules should be released in the next few days. We also do plan to cast the matches, so if you are not playing, but want to watch -- please don't miss the stream.
Update #4

Matches for the Group Stage Round 1 have been released.

For those wondering how the matches were scheduled, I will explain below.


With Team Canada dropping out of the competition, this meant that there were only 5 teams left for this division. This means that we have to switch back to a Swiss system. The seeds were randomized. Southwest will be getting a bye for their first match.


Div-2 has 6 teams. This means we can continue to go with the concept of 2 groups with 3 teams in each. Europe and South were the two teams that were ranked the highest (judging their roster and experience on paper) and were put in separate groups. The remaining teams were randomized and put into different groups. There are 3 rounds to the group stages, so a team will be getting a bye in each round.

Group Stage Round 2 & 3 matches for Div-2 will be released later. Currently in the process of uploading Proside onto the site.
Update #5

This is a bit of a late update before the matches. There were roster issues that popped up. In order to address them, we will make changes regarding ringers in this cup.

  • All ringers from a region will be allowed (e.g. If you are trying to ring a player from the Southwest, they will be permitted to play on the Southwest team)
  • If a team cannot find any options for their region, they will be granted one default ringer from any region. After the first default ringer, teams will need approval to ring more players from a different region (up to 3 ringers in total).
  • Skill level of the ringers will be looked at. They must be similarly skilled as the player that you are replacing.

This update will be sent to the team leaders. Good luck and have fun in the matches tomorrow!
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Update #6

We ran into into the issues of the early start time. To help with this, default start times for playoffs will be pushed back an hour to 4 PM ET.

Playoff matches have also been scheduled here. Playoffs are map pick/bans, so please make sure you have them done by Friday night. Thanks!

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