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help me finish my maps
hi everone. I have a lot of wip/unfinished maps due to lack of motivation / time.

i am making this thread to gather ideas that will hopefully motivate me to finish said maps.

below is a link to an imgur album with pictures & names of the maps.


none of these maps are available to download atm, but if people are willing to help i can make them available
what the hell am i doing here?
Map burnout. Happens to the best of us. I can possibly help if need be... Depending.
Again, do not post in these map threads if you legitimately do not have any actual feedback or constructive criticism.

People (like gobitoe) are going out of their way to spend their time to make new maps. If you are not going to respect that, then don't post here.
ok so I for one want a new payload map at least. I feel like koth maps are quicker to come by than payload and 5cp (pls no 5cp). People seem to really like Borneo but others hate the length and difficulty of pushing last. I do think that map has good points tho (like I really enjoy 1st and 2nd and I think you play those pretty differently to other maps, like how first u can do the passive hold in house instead of backing out completely if they botched the cart time, or on second how multiple pushes actually work for offense). If you could do something kinda similar to Borneo where it has the same ideas of borneo but not the sheer length (or the same last) that could be cool.

I'm not a map designer so I don't really know how hard that would be, just giving an idea if you were stumped on ur pl map.
Dog is my supplier, talk to him if you want the stuff
I agree with fruitcup, a new pl map would be lovely. I love it when a point has multiple ways to both hold and push (borneo 1st and 2nd for example, vigil last [the one thing I like with vigil]) and I think a new pl map that allows for multiple different holds and pushes would be a fantastic change. I also like pl maps like upward, where each following point becomes harder to push into and allows for multiple ways to hold a point, unlike a map like vigil where it is very 'stop and go' with its point holds and swiftwater where you need quite a bit of momentum to get through some points to actually have a decent time
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