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Advanced shohh - Soldier
hey, it's shohh. i'm looking to get on a s4 adv team as main soldier. i'd like to make playoffs this upcoming season. can scrim weekends along with mondays, but most weekdays wont work out for me (6s, 4s, etc). while i prefer mumble for scrims, discord works fine, and i also like streaming scrims/matches, if that's not an issue.

comp experience
rgl - http://hl.rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.as...8082026369
ugc -

contact stuff
steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/wm-/
discord - lg#7814 (the "l" in my alias is a L)

would prefer if contacted by discord, but if you contact me via steam i may be a bit slow to reply

thanks for shohh

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